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Services for all students enrolled in Beauty On Fleek School Programs.


In order to graduate, all students must take, pass and submit certification of completion to Beauty On Fleek School Director.


1.  PRICE $14. 95

2.  PRICE: $14.95 

3. PRICE: $16.00

4. PRICE: $14.99

Student Financial Assistance: 

Information about the availability of financial assistance will be available for all students at the time of enrollment. For further assistance, please see the school director to hear about our student financial options. 



Orientation is the introduction to Life at Beauty On Fleek School. Orientation is held on students' very first day of school for the first hour. During orientation, all students will tour the school, go over the school catalog, prepare books and kits in complete and share any questions or concerns they may have. 

School Resource Center: 

Our School provides all students with a small library, where students can access books, dictionaries, thesaurus,  magazines and a student computer. This is where students can go for study halls and quiet studying.   


Student Salon: 

After theory is completed, students will engage in Beauty On Fleek Schools Student Salon. Our student salon is where students will experience hands-on training in the industry of their study, while being supervised by a licensed instructor. Students will be required to complete the Florida required hours in order to graduate. 


School Store: 

Beauty On Fleek School Store is open during normal office hours to the public. Our store contains nail, facial and beauty supplies and products at an affordable cost. The school store is open for students during break times.

Academic Assistance:

 Let's be successful together! Our school offers tutoring, mentorships, study buddy sessions, study halls, & 1 on 1 meetings.  


Mentorship/ Advanced Classes: 

Beauty On Fleek School Offers Mentorship and Advanced Classes on any study subject. Get in contact with our school director to set up a 1on1 Mentorship, or to register in an advanced program offered at our school.  



Our school offers student career counseling. Some subjects may be referred to community professionals. 



Students who have passed all subjects of the program with a 70% or higher, will graduate at the end of the program or after each quarter. Graduation Ceremonies are held every 4 months, at the school. Students will receive their Diploma of completion along with an awarding gift.  


Exit Interviews: 

As students complete their training and program hours, exit Interviews will be offered to all students. During the students exit interview, students will be able to complete a graduate survey, talk about their personal experience at the school, and discuss plans for their future.  


Job Placement Assistance & Career Services: 

After Graduation,  visit our school job board for local jobs hiring. Or visit your school Director to know what we have to offer.

No Guarantee on job placement is given.  


School Suggestions Box: 

Beauty On Fleek Schools Suggestion box is open to all students and the public. This box is created to share information, needs, opinions and more with the school director. Our students and clients are our top priority. Please feel free to submit a suggestion or question publicly or anonymously in our school box, as for we would love to hear what you you have to say! Your opinion matters most! 


Alumni Association- 

Grads, Let's Stay In Contact! Our Alumni Association stays in contact with our previous graduates. Newsletters, special events and testimonials will be shared on our alumni website and student services board. 

FREE Infection Control for Salon/Spa Course; Milady-

Beauty On Fleek School is partnered with Milady Rise program through Milady Cengage Training. All BOFS students will be eligible to take this extra credit 2-hour online course AT NO CHARGE, to show their commitment to protect public health AND learn to recognize when a client might be at risk.  Sure, you already did a deep dive into infection control when you attended Beauty On Fleek School. But investing in a refresher makes total sense in the age of COVID-19. Your clients and staff crave reassurance that you're doing everything humanly possible to provide a safe, germ-free space. This two-hour refresher will ensure you're doing exactly that

1. First Go to:
2. Click on "Enroll Now and Register for an account" (or login)
3. Once at the checkout page, you will need to enter our school’s promo code and complete the enrollment (ASK MS. ELENA FOR OUR SCHOOLS PROMO CODE). 
4. For more detailed step-by-step instructions, please see Ms. Elena

5. Complete this 2hr course at you own pace- get a instant certification of completion, and proudly hang it at your work station, so your clients can see your commitment to their health & safety. 

Students/ Grads: ASK ABOUT our other FREE Courses that include a

FREE certificate to proudly display in your work space! 

Let's Work Together


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